Nail Technician Monika Rhea



Stylist and Nail Technician Monika Rhea offers all nail services.


For appointment with Monika, phone 817.774.0429


SALON 110 The Annex

116 South Waco Street

Downtown Hillsboro



Monika, originally from Bedford, Texas, has been a professional cosmetologist since 1997.


She has hair and nail stations in the corner salon, SALON 110 The Annex.  Her nail services include manicures, pedicures and acrylics and she uses the private service room for eyelash extensions.

Appointments Available Tuesdays through Fridays

 Services and Pricing for Monika Rhea




      Basic w/o Polish            20.00

             with Polish            25.00

             with Shellac           30.00

             with Warm Lotion      30.00

             with Paraffin          35.00

       Acrylic Nails     30.00

       Fills           20.00




Basic w/o Polish          25.00

       with Polish        30.00

       with Shellac        35.00

       with Scrub         35.00

               with Mask or cream paraffin     40.00

               with Paraffin      45.00


 Men's Services


            Basic Manicure       20.00

                   with Topcoat   17.00

            Basic Pedicure        17.00

         Paraffin Pedicure   35.00 



 Al A Carte


            Toenail Trim      15.00

                   Added to above services     5.00

            Extra 3 Minute Massage         5.00

            Nail Art       Prices Start at 5.00

         Gel French Manicure  Add $5.00


 Other Services


            Eyelash Extension Strips                   10.00

            Eyelash Extension 3-Tab                     35.00

            Eyelash Extension Individual lashes    85.00 and up

                   Fill In                                       35.00 and up

            Waxing (Brows, Lip, Chin, Sideburns)    10.00 per area

            Make-Up                                           30.00


*Trained to help with circulation of legs & feet

SALON 110 Princess Services


Ages 8 Years and under:

Manicure  $7.00 

Pedicure $10.00


Ages 9-12 Years:

Manicure  $15.00

Pedicure   $17.00


13 Years and Older:

Regular Salon Prices