Facials by Becky Hudechek, Laurie Jernigan & Steph Castaneda




Facials by Becky Hudechek


SALON 110 Stylist and Facialist Becky Hudechek has worked in the cosmetology field since 1989.  She moved with her family to Whitney, Texas in 2006 and was employed at a Whitney spa for three years before joining the team at SALON 110 in July 2011.


She offers facials in the comfort of a private service room with up-to-date equipment and product line.  Becky uses mostly Dermologica professional product that are geared towards all skin types, typically addressing issues with dry, oily, acne and aging skin. She gives her clients a relaxing and sampling facial, sometimes incorporating essential oils.


Becky suggests booking facial appointments every 6-8 weeks.



 $60.00  Basic Facial

 $68.00  Basic Facial w/Extractions


For Appointment:


Phone Becky Hudechek


Facials by Steph Castaneda


Steph is from West, Texas and recently graduated with a cosmetology operator's license. Her main focus is facials and lash lifts, but she also offers waxing, brow shaping and tint, lash extensions and event makeup.


Her main product lines include Numbuzin, Skin Script and Dermalogica. She offers LED therapy and ultrasonic cleansing, incorporating aromatherapy, soothing music and relaxing massage manipulations to give a refreshing and calming experience.







Facial prices range from $60.00-$90.00. For more information, contact Steph at the phone number listed below.


Wax prices range from $10.00-$15.00


$50.00 Lash Lift

$65.00 Lash Life and Tint

$65.00 Lash Extensions


$50.00 Brow Tint


For Appointment:


Phone Steph Castaneda



Facials by Laurie Jernigan


SALON 110 Facialist Laurie Jernigan has worked in the field of cosmetology for thirty years.  She has been licensed in three states, taught cosmetology in Massachusetts and was a salon owner for twenty years.


Laurie was born in Texas, but moved to Massachusetts for her husband's job where they lived from 2017-2020.  They have been back in Texas since July 2020 and Laurie is now doing facials for her clients at SALON 110.


Laurie uses the Skin Scripts products for her facials.


$60.00  Basic Facial

$10.00 Extra for High Frequency for Aging and Acne, Ultrasonic and Galvanic


Facial Waxing:


$12.00  Brows

$10.00  Lip

$20.00  Brow and Lip Combo

$10.00  Chin


$20.00  Brow Tint

$20.00  Lash Tint


For Appointment:


Phone Laurie Jernigan