SALON 110 Mentoring Program

Newly graduated cosmetology students invited into the Mentoring Program at SALON 110 work under the direction of an accomplished stylist for a six-week period.  During this period, their station rental is free and they keep all money for the services they provide to clients.  This money will enable them to purchase the product, equipment, business cards, insurance, etc. that is necessary for them to work as a professional stylist. 


The mentor will observe the skill level of each student and make decisions on which services they perform during the six-week period.  Individual or group classes will be offered as a continuing education to the new stylists.  A mentor will be available should a new stylist feel they need assistance on a service.


After the six-week mentoring program, the stylist will work at SALON 110 for at least one year.

Station Rental for Accomplished Stylists

Ask about 2023 special of free rent for joining the team!

Accomplished stylists interested in a station at SALON 110 will have free rent for their first month, and gradually work up to the normal $85 per week.  Station rental contract is on a week to week basis.